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I am a trainer, coach, psychotherapist and writer. For more than 25 years I have advised people on how to improve their working relationships and enhance the quality of their lives. I’ve provided professional training on improving relationships, conflict management and related topics. I write a lot of books that contain essential ‘how to’ information for solving relationship problems. My books are clearly written, highly readable, and filled with credible information and guidance.

My lessons will give you new insights into those ‘impossible’ situations that cause so much anguish, stress and ther. I am a Solution Focused therapist offering brief and often single-session therapy. I have built a reputation for engaging workshops on Solution Focused Brief Therapy and Single Session Therapy, and have recently started to put my courses online.

I’m a Certified Coach

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“Mr. Cole Named a Best Therapist In 2016”

Solution Focused Therapist
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Laurențiu Bratu

Cine nu are un Florin Beca, să şi-l cumpere! Până atunci, urmăriti originalul! Idei simple şi eficiente dacă îti doreşti mai mult de la tine.

Laurențiu Bratu

Cristian Tamaș

Dacă îti dorești să fii “The Best” acolo unde ești tu, trebuie să-l cunoști pe Florin Beca.

Cristian Tamaș

Beatrice Busuioc

Omul care îti oferă valoare încă de la primele cuvinte! Mă înclin.

Beatrice Busuioc

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